Liverpool Street, Salford


The site comprises a 5.1 acres (2.06 hectares) former gasholder site, which whilst flat and consisting of made ground, is split over two distinct levels. The seller has remediated the site to an ‘open storage’ standard. The former gasholders have been removed and the Hazardous Substance Consent has been recently revoked. The extent of the site is shown outlined in red on the site, with the part edged green currently subject to two occupational tenancies to RRG Group, the details of which are outlined below:

  • Tenant RRG Group Limited.
  • Both lease terms expire on 10th September 2021.
  • Combined rent £54,750 per annum.
  • Either Landlord or Tenant may terminate the leases at any time on or after 21 September 2021 by giving not less than one month’s prior written notice.
  • Landlord may also terminate the leases at any time by giving to the Tenant not less than 3 months prior written notice in the event that Planning Permission is granted for the whole or any part of the premises.
  • Both leases are excluded from security of tenure provisions.

Site Plan

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